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AREDICI also enables customers to realize cash through the sale of their excess electronic components inventory.  Once again,  IC Net(TM) is unique, because it assists customers in evaluating the current worth of these often “hidden” assets.

We propose different solutions for the management of your excess inventory:

  1. through a list from the owner of the surplus, which indicates the codes and quantities available. As soon Aredici receives a request on a code, we will ask for confirmation of availability and price, in order to quote to the potential customer. When any order arrives, the material will be billed and shipped to Aredici, which will provide for its payment. This service has no charge.
  2. the taking charge of the surpluses (already valued by the owner) in our warehouse. When we sell an item, we inform the owner, who will issue an invoice to Aredici, and we will pay it. The owner of the surplus has the right to inspect our warehouse and ask at any time the return of the material still unsold. This service has no charge.
  3. the purchase of the full excess inventory.

We are at your disposal for any further clarifications

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