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Ever since 2003, AREDICI  has been one of the few distributors of industrial electronic components with ISO9001:2000 Certification from DNV – Det Norske Veritas.

In the year 2009 we gained the ISO 9001:2008 quality certification about trading of electronic components, including hard to find and obsolete parts.

  • Vision Statement: To be a leader among resellers of electronic components.
  • Mission Statement: Solve customer over/under-supply problems by creating a network of qualified buyers and sellers; provide excellent customer service with communication, reliability and technology; and promote the image of the independent distributor by our example.

An enterprise creates value for its customers through its processes.  Subsequently, managers continuously attempt to streamline these processes to make their companies more swift, agile and more in line with customer needs; more capable of meeting the competition head-on.

For these reasons, AREDICI gives the highest priority to its quality managment system and seeks to collaborate as a true partner with its clients in order to best meet their needs.

The purchasing process is not only an important part of our of quality control: it is the mainstay of quality control; the process where our stringent quality measures begin to pay off for our customers.

AREDICI carefully analyzes and updates strategies designed to optimize purchasing resources and supplier relationships.  Suppliers are carefully chosen from a select group in order to guarantee the top level of quality to our clients.  In so doing, AREDICI considers not only the monetary cost of the goods, but also gives an important worth to the reliability of the supplier offering the products.   Suppliers are rewarded, for example, for consistently delivering conforming products, and for on-time deliveries.  Even when the products are extremely difficult to source from its ample network of qualified suppliers, or in that rare instance that the source of the product has not been previously qualified, AREDICI operates such that the client still has the economic benefits and guarantees necessary to make an informed and problem-free purchase.

All products undergo a rigorous inspection by our trained personnel.  They are then inventoried and stocked in our ESD protected warehouse, or sent on directly to the end-user.

On September 2018, AREDICI gained the ISO 9001:2015 quality certification with TÜV NORD.

Click HERE to download our ISO 9001 certificate in PDF format (English version).

Click HERE to download our ISO 9001 certificate in PDF format (Italian version).

Remember: AREDICI has the ISO 9001 certification for trading of electronic components, including hard to find and obsolete parts

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