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Locating hard-to-find and obsolete components is not a problem for our customers.  They just send an RFQ and let AREDICI’s worldwide network of qualified suppliers do the work for them! With its world-class proprietary system IC Net(TM), designed exclusively for us and our customers, we are able to track RFQs, offers, orders and shipping faster and more reliably than any of our competitors.

In times where sub-standard parts are of concern, AREDICI goes the extra mile by qualifying its suppliers and via a rigorous inspection of parts when they arrive in its warehouse.  Our customers know from experience that its “Quality is Guaranteed(TM)“.

Not only IC Net™ track new RFQs, it also enables AREDICI’s customers to target market supply and demand shifts, make “opportunity” buys and spot trends long before other buyers. There is nothing worse than a line-down situation. With IC Net™ AREDICI’s customers quickly find parts at competitive prices from qualified suppliers.
Once collected the results of our research, the customers can think calmly to the future of their productions, including scheduling deliveries in time.

AREDICI also maintains a large warehouse stocked with critical parts such as obsoletes and long lead-time items. Once the order is processed, we keep the parts in our stock on customer’s behalf, ready to be delivered to the end user. AREDICI’s customers benefit by cutting out costs associated with middlemen, and by reducing lead-times.

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